Orchid Plant Care

Orchid Plant Care

All orchid plants require 6 things to develop and flower.

* Bright Light - provide orchids bright light, but not direct sun.

* Water - Water orchid plants thoroughly once or twice a week. Additional water is needed when it's a warmer temperature; less water is needed when it's a cooler temperature. Make sure the water drains totally out of the holes at the bottom of the orchid plant pot. By no means leave the orchid plant sit in water.

* Fertilization – Fertilization is key for orchid plants when they are developing. You can purchase orchid fertilizer and most plant and garden centers.

* Air movement - Make available mild air circulation for the orchid plant.

* Humidity - Supply some humidity for the orchid plant; most orchid plants do not like very dry surroundings.

* Temperatures - Maintain the orchid plants daytime temperature between 65°- 75°F with a nighttime temperature drop of a small amount of degrees.

* Orchid plants call for special light levels or special temperatures. If you identify your orchid plant and provide the environment it desires, the orchid plant can develop and bloom for years to come.

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